Why Forecast Color Trends?

Color Sells….
and the Right Colors Sell Better
Color Marketing Group

Have you ever wondered why some colors magically appear in the marketplace and in a blink of an eye they're gone?

While you’re still deciding where to spend next year’s summer vacation, color forecasters have already predicted what color bathing suit you’ll be wearing on the beach.

Denise Turner and her fellow CMG (Color Marketing Group) color design professionals forecast colors one to three years in advance for all industries, manufactured products and services.

Many factors affect a color’s staying power or demise, including environmental issues, elections, wars, natural disasters and even the economy. All of these impact the consumer’s mood.

A color forecaster is part visionary, part designer and part sociologist. We color forecasters gather information and insights from auto manufacturers, fashion runways and the home furnishing industry. We scour trade shows, showrooms and magazines for trends. We consider what’s happening culturally and how it impacts people’s mood.

We then compile our findings and translate them into guidelines for future colors, so that manufacturers can confidently produce sellable goods.

“Denise is one of the most dynamic and colorful speakers I have ever met. She has a passion for sharing and brings an incredible amount of energy to her presentations.”
Bruce Knott, CMG, Director WFCP/Media Relations-Grace McNamara Inc.

“It is my true pleasure to work with Denise in the Color Marketing Group. Her vision and leadership has created impact and energy at our meetings. Developing and presenting dynamic presentations is something she is clearly great at. I thank her for her clear direction and inspiration. Invite her and behold the passion”
Hillary Howes, CMG, Creative Director of Event Design and Production at Encore Decor Inc.