Chroma Therapy Harnessing the Holistic power of the rainbow

Chroma Therapy and Aroma Therapy have been recognized for centuries as having profound healing effects. The colors we surround ourselves with and the essential oils we anoint ourselves can help stimulate, relax, empower or even waken us.

Hippocrates, the Father of Western Medicine was well aware of color’s holistic powers. He incorporated Chroma and Aroma Therapy into his practice. He painted his treatment rooms in healing hues, used colored ointments and salves as remedies and prescribed Aroma Therapy baths with scented massage. Hippocrates is also credited for riding Athens of the plague by using aromatic fumigations.

So you don’t feel the need to rid a city of the plague? You just want to keep your feet warmer while snow skiing. Think Red! It helps stimulate our body’s circulation and is especially helpful to the lower extremities. So the next time you head out to that Bunny Hill, be sure to put the Essential Oil of Cedar on your feet and don’t forget your red socks.


Chakra or energy center (pronounced shah-krah) is a Sanscrit word meaning “Wheel of Light”. It refers to the body’s seven major energy centers which are positioned along the spinal column. Each chakra has a unique function that corresponds to a specific color and essence. Beginning with the Root Chakra at the base of spine and continuing up to the Crown Chakra on top of the head. These energy portholes regulate the flow of energy in and out of our body. When one chakra malfunctioning its neighboring chakras are also affected, which causes illness. Chroma Therapy assists in rebalancing the body to its optimum wellness.

Here’s an explanation of what each chakra does and how Chroma Therapy and Aroma Therapy supports them.

FIRST Chakra located at the base of the spine


Associated with:
strength, courage, health, vigor, sexuality, physical survival instinct, will, and vitality
Are you procrastinator or in a sluggish time of your life, paint your room in Red and bring in the essence of Cedar and get ready to take off!

SECOND Chakra located below the naval.


Associated with:
reproductive organs, sexuality, passion, confidence, enthusiasm, striving and self-motivation

Designing a room for people to socializing and play? Paint it in Orange and bring in the essence of Gardenia. Now let the party begin!

Orange and Red simulate the appetite, which is why they are used in fast-food restaurants. They can work well in a kitchen or dining room-unless your watching your weight, then you might consider using green, a color associated with health and harmony.

THIRD Chakra located at the solar plexus.


Associated with:
intellect and communication, confidence, attention to detail, academic achievement, discipline and mental discrimination

Having difficulty getting people to communicate? Yellow the essence of cinnamon are excellent for counseling offices and conference rooms. They help open the lines of communication.

FORTH Chakra located in middle of chest.

Color-Emerald Green and some times Pink

Associated with:
heart, love, peace, hope, balance, healing compassion for others and for self, forgiveness and growth

Feeling anxious or angry? To reduce stress and to evoke the feeling of balance and harmony, paint your environment Green or Pink and bring in the essence of Lavender.
They reduce stress and to evoke the feeling of balance.

Pink slows down the heart and removes all aggressive behavior, which is why many correctional institutions are painted light pink.

FIFTH Chakra located at base of throat.

Color-Cobalt Blue

Associated with:
communication, speech, self-expression, creativity, inner peace, hope, loyalty and truth
Feeling nervous about doing a presentation? Then wear a blue suit and anoint yourself with the essence of Rose. You will speak more clearly and your audience will be more receptive.

SIXTH Chakra located in the center of forehead.


Associated with:
psychic awareness, intuitive thought, spiritual insight and clairvoyance which are the ability to "see the big picture

Having a creative block? Then paint your studio Indigo and Violet and bring in the essence of Jasmine. This will get your creative juices flowing again.

SEVENTH Chakra located above the head


Associated with:
spiritual connection, transcending of self, bliss and psychic inspiration
Desiring a more blissful meditation? Create your sacred space in hues of violet and bring in the essence of Sandalwood; they will calm your anxious nerves and allow you to connect with the higher source.