Virtual Color Consultant©
Your paint color & interior design coach

Selecting the "right paint color" should be added to the list of "Things That People Fear The Most", just after dying and public speaking. This is unfortunate, because paint gives you the biggest bang for your buck. It protects your largest investment and it's the easiest way to smooth out a multitude of visual challenges.

Are you overwhelmed by the zillions of paint colors to choose from?

Do you bring home scads of paint chips and spend hours arranging colors? Do you attempt to put them together in creative color schemes? After all that, do you lose your color confidence and settle for beige? If this sounds familiar, you need the Virtual Color Consultant.©

As international leaders in the field of color and interior design, for over 20 years we've created custom color palettes for paint manufacturers, commercial properties, and homes.

We do Virtual and In-House Consultations

Think of us as your paint color & interior design coach. We'll collaborate with you to create the ideal color palette and be a supportive ally throughout your home décor projects.

As Color Therapy expert and Feng Shui practitioner, Denise Turner specializes in designing holistic environments. She’s had particularly great success in creating custom color palettes for adults and children with disabilities. Many of Denise’s clients are parents of Autistic children.

We'll help you find the "right paint color." We guarantee it!

We also have Virtual Color Consultant gift certificates. They're ideal for house warming and wedding gifts. Contact us for more details.

"Denise's strategies of color use in everyone's daily experiences are at the higher level of quality. As a designer and mentor to industry professionals and students she leads passionately with her vision for synergetic humane environments and quality of life".
Sara Sandoval, Dean of Academic Affairs, Art Institute of California, Inland Empire