Denise Turner is a high-energy, result-oriented international speaker and media spokesperson, with over 20 years of experience.

Denise is passionate about inspiring her audience, so that they quickly grasp the importance of color and turn their knowledge into increased sales and customer satisfaction. Denise develops and leads customized in-house color workshops for manufacturers, seminars for business owners, and Continuing Education seminars for interior designers, architects and builders.

Continuing Education Seminars approved by:
IDCEC (Interior Design Continuing Education Council)
TRCC (Texas Residential Construction Commission)


As The Colors Turn

Color & Design Trend Forecast

Have you ever wondered why certain colors magically appear everywhere in the marketplace and in a blink of an eye they disappear? Denise Turner, color and design trend forecaster explains why.

This course is for business owners who want to improve their bottom line and for fashion-forward design professionals who want to be ahead of the curve.


  • Learn how to use cutting-edge, color branding techniques that improve your visibility and increase sales.
  • Receive groundbreaking insight on future trends and sales and marketing practices that will help you make your company more financially successful.
  • Review the fundamentals of Color Theory & Color Psychology and learn to use them to increase your company’s profit.
  • Learn how Color Forecasters track colors and trends and how they turn their knowledge into sellable goods.
  • See examples of upcoming trends so that you don’t spend valuable time creating designs or products with discontinued colors.

“Your Color forecast prevented me from losing thousands of dollars in a to-good-too-be-true carpeting purchase. Thank you!”
Patricia Gagnier, ASID, CID, President- Gagnier Construction


Turn Your Paint Chips into Profit

Paint Professional Color Certification Program

This intensive, 2-day hands-on “Color Boot Camp” and color certification program is tailored to the needs of professionals in Property Services/Color Consultant Departments. Each training module is customized to suit your company’s specific needs and market. Modules vary in length and can be mixed and matched to suit your needs.

The objective of this program is to provide your team with a comprehensive color foundation that is customized specifically for the architectural paint coatings industry. This program works for professionals at any skill level, from non-colorist to most experienced color specifier. The program is designed to upgrade your color skill set, train you to enhance your team’s color knowledge base and provide them with hands-on practical experience, and help you increase sales.

"Denise-I truly enjoyed your all day, in-house color class and thought it was a great opportunity for team building for all of us! Your combination of architectural styles, color theory and 2011 color trends was a nice balance and I think we all walked away feeling more confident in our ability to sell color to our clients!

I really enjoyed the portion where you talked about the Color Marketing Group and what a huge task you undertake in determining upcoming color trends! The "hands on" color schemes were also a great way to get to know my counterparts better. You do amazing work and I wanted to thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us. It was a true pleasure!"
Debi Palumbo, Property Management Services, Sherwin Williams Paint


Black Belt Business Tactics

Kick Your Business into the Green

The current economic situation has knocked the wind out of our small businesses. But that doesn’t mean we have to give up the fight. Even though money is tight, we have to maintain a strong presence in order to attract new business and continue to make a living by doing what we love. This seminar will give you tips and techniques to slay this fire breathing economic dragon and win. Marketing and media savvy Denise Turner will show you how.

This is for businesses ready to turn their red into green. It’s designed to especially support your company’s sales and marketing campaigns.


  • Learn to attract “Free” PR and marketing. Yes! Free!
  • Identify your company’s uniqueness so that you clearly communicate your intended brand or product message.
  • Understand the fundamentals of Color Theory, Color Psychology and Color Philosophy and use them to generate sales.
  • Learn how to develop media relationships, so that you are continuously growing and thriving as an expert in your field.
  • Know “the rules” when speaking with the media.

"I was flattered when Denise asked SFW Plasters to participate in the HGTV series, "Designer's Challenge". My crew and I were pleasantly surprised to discover how easy she was to work with in stark contrast to most Southern California interior designers. Her design approach and color knowledge were superior to many. I highly recommend Denise as a professional and a leader in her field."
Don Barnabe, President/Owner - SFW Plasters by Georgia


Colors Unveiled

What your favorite color says about you

Everyone has a favorite color. Everyone also has a color they dislike and grimace at the mere thought of. Color expert Denise Turner explains why.

This seminar will demystify color’s hidden meanings and help you quickly gain insight into your clients, saving you valuable time and money. The seminar presents a fusion of Color Psychology, Color of Cultures and Color’s physical effects on the body. It will give you the tools to study color choices and obtain a greater understanding of what is going on inside someone’s mind (including your own).

This seminar is a must for businesses with international clients, interior designers, and architects, looking for a competitive edge in their business.


  • Review Color Psychology from a full spectrum perspective.
  • Gain knowledge of how Cultural Colors impact someone’s color preference.
  • Learn how someone’s favorite color directly corresponds to her or his personality type.
  • Through a sensory experience, feel the difference of color’s light waves in your electromagnetic field.
  • Understand how the color of your environment and clothing affects your emotions, behavior, energy level and health.

“Denise is a joy to work with. She has a great sense of color and how to use it in the marketplace. Want to maximize your bottom line, she can help you!”
Jeanette Chasworth, ASID, CID, interior designer, colorist and founder Chasworth Place


Turn Your Home, Into A Retreat

Full Spectrum Interior Design Techniques

Do you have home décor dilemmas and not sure where to turn? Color expert and certified interior designer Denise Turner can help. This hands-on, interior design workshop provides a creative atmosphere that allows you to work outside your color comfort zone.

This is an ideal workshop for a spouse’s break out session and can be booked in conjunction with a Keynote business seminar. The workshop is also great for manufacturers as it teaches effective sales tools that can be incorporated into consumer training and marketing plans.


  • Experience how the colors of your home affect your emotions, behavior and health.
  • See the “Hot New Colors and Trends” for home fashion.
  • Learn how to incorporate the Top 10 Emotions into your home.
  • Review Color Theory basics and learn how to create fail safe color schemes for your home.
  • Small groups will receive a mini interior design/color consultation, so be sure to bring floor plans, paint chips, flooring and fabric samples.

“Denise is an amazing speaker; she is the go-to person for everything in the color industry. She knows her stuff and has her finger on the newest trends, and is also one of the greatest people I've ever done business with. If you need a top professional in this specialized industry, Denise is the only person you should call. I can't recommend her highly enough.”
Barbara Niven Actress, Speaker and Presentation Coach -