Color Increases Sales, Enhances Productivity,
Captures Attention & Improves Communication

  • Color can improve brand recognition by up to 80%. This can lead to increased sales.
  • Do you want your customer to open mail from you immediately? Use color envelopes. People are 55% more likely to open a full-color piece of mail first.
  • Color can increase payment response by 30%. Highlighting the amount owed and dates with color, ads a sense of urgency. Customers pay their bills faster, thereby improving your cash flow.
  • Color gains readership by 80%. Adding color to product guides helps critical information get read. Helping ensure that customers understand how to operate the products they buy from you. This can reduce the unnecessary service calls, saving your company time and money.
  • Color increases readers’ attention spans and recall by 82%. Safety notices, warnings and vital technical information are more likely to be remembered if they stand out in color. This can help decrease costly and time-consuming errors not to mention accidents.
  • Reader comprehension has been found to improve by 14% when text is a highlighted color rather than with bold text. Training sessions can be more effective when the presentation materials are in color, rather than just bold type.