Contrary to what some people believe, colors are not selected purely for aesthetic reasons. If that were the case, we would select them all.

Across industries, color choices are based on pragmatic, tested information that comes from research and experience including Color Marketing Group reports. We research your industry and your competitors and help you transform that information into salable goods.

Color Turners can work with you in various ways.

  • We can collaborate with your business at any stage of product development, from the conception of the color-decision process, to marketing, to the customer feedback phase
  • We can facilitate collaboration between your team and/or your customers in order to expedite the color decision and manufacturing process
  • We can manage all aspects of your color selection and/or work directly with your staff
  • If your preliminary color selections have been made or discussed, we can provide a non-biased point of view and help you move forward to the next phase of your product development
  • If necessary we can arbitrate a difference of opinion among decision-makers
  • After we complete preliminary color selections, we deliver recommendations and proposed color samples for your approval

“Denise is a true professional in the design field, and an expert in color. I have worked with Denise on several projects including hiring her to develop and teach color theory curriculum for sales training courses. She is a potent public speaker and represents the best in the industry pertaining to color trends and scheme development. She has a great ability to connect with her audience and creatively present her unique philosophy on color in ways that really resonate with people.”
Ronn Day, Regional Vice President at Frazee Paint/Parker Paint - Comex U.S.A.